Today's most pressing environmental challenges impact all of us, both as individuals and as business leaders. McKesson's dedication to creating a sustainable healthcare system is mirrored by our commitment to run our operations in an environmentally sustainable way, both stem from our commitment to help create a healthier world.

We aim to conduct business in a way that's sustainable for the company and the planet. By integrating environmental sustainability principles into the way we do business, we hope to ensure a healthy, vibrant company and planet for generations to come.

McKesson Employee Environmental Councils

Environmental Councils organized throughout the company seek opportunities to mitigate the environmental impacts of business operations in the communities where we conduct business. For those environmental projects that impact the entire company, formal executive led initiatives complement the grassroots efforts of local councils.

McKesson's green initiatives focus on:

  • Transportation & Emissions

    We are trying to curb emissions from business travel with the introduction of new technology. At large business locations, we have installed telepresence technology that allows people to meet face-to-face via video even if they are thousands of miles apart. When employees book travel between two cities with telepresence centers, our corporate travel site reminds them that an alternative to flying is to use the telepresence technology.

  • Recycling & Waste

    McKesson has established recycling programs in the majority of our locations and offers desk side recycling at our headquarters facility. We also strive to source recycled products whenever possible.

  • Energy Efficiency

    McKesson's headquarters building's ENERGY STAR rating is an 84, which means it is in the top 25% of the nation in terms of energy efficiency. We are currently working to secure LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) certification for our headquarters building and for a new distribution center under construction. The LEED Green Building Rating SystemTM is the nationally accepted benchmark for the design, construction, and operation of high performance green buildings.

  • Encouraging Sustainability

    We strive to encourage environmental sustainability not only with our employees but also with our business partners where appropriate. As an example, employees in Texas have implemented a ride sharing program to lessen their personal environmental impacts. McKesson has also worked with several customers to understand the environmental impacts of our product offerings and we are incorporating environmental standards in our request for proposals template for suppliers.